Aaron Dignan

Aaron Dignan

Founder and CEO of Undercurrent

The Aaron Dignan keynotes seek out practical business solutions that can be uncovered through gaming concepts, a field that is unexplored and teeming with potential.

Dignan attended the University of Colorado in Boulder for psychology. While studying in 2003, he co-founded Brandplay, a consulting firm. He stayed as a partner at this company until 2007, which is when he co-founded the digital strategy firm Undercurrent. As an organization that is incredibly tight-lipped and press-resistant, they have earned an name as a premium digital consulting company.

He then authored 'Game Frame,' a book that explores the applications of gaming that was released in 2011. He is currently the CEO of Undercurrent.

By integrating these video game principles into work life, the Aaron Dignan keynotes reassure young 14-year-old boys (and their mothers) that their time is not going to waste.

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