Abe Burmeister

Abe Burmeister

Co-founder of Outlier, Fashion Designer

The keynotes by Abe Burmeister focus on brand building and adapting business models to the changing nature of the Internet. Abe Burnmeister proves that success can be driven by passion even if one does not have experience in a particular field.

Before entering the fashion business, Abe Burnmeister was an information designer where he made interfaces for real time stock networks. Currently, Abe Burnmeister works as a fashion designer, and he is the co-founder of Outlier.

The keynotes by Abe Burnmeister help individuals that are starting brands with little to no experience. Abe got the idea to form his own company after his clothes constantly got ruined while biking. Abe proves that knowledge and experience in an industry are not necessarily essential for creating a successful company.

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