Abe Foxman

Abe Foxman

National Director for the Anti-Defamation League

Keynotes by Abe Foxman focus on the presence of anti-semitism still that still exists in society today. Foxman argues that although hatred may still exist, it has been classified as unacceptable; this sheds hopeful light on a racism-free future. As the National Director for the Anti-Defamation League, Foxman fights tirelessly to abolish actions of prejudice and to raise awareness of its current presence. Prior to this position, Foxman held a graduate position at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in Jewish Studies and at New School University in Economics.

In terms of his education, Foxman earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from City College of New York, while also graduating with honors in History. Foxman also holds a law degree from New York University School of Law.

Due to his work with NGOs and battling prejudice, Foxman received awards including the 'Interfaith Committee of Remembrance Lifetime Achievement Award' and the 'Raoul Wallenberg Humanitarian Leadership Award.' In 2006, he received France's highest civilian honor, the 'Knight of the Legion of Honor' and was honored by Yeshiva University with an honorary doctoral degree. President George W. Bush appointed Foxman as a member of the 'Honorary Delegation' on his visit to Israel, to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Examining the unfortunate fact that prejudice and anti-semitism still exist, keynotes by Abe Foxman offer an eye-opening perspective of an epidemic that should be abolished.

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