Adam Baker

Adam Baker

Creator of

Adam Baker's speeches revolve around financial freedom and a daring approach to escaping consumer debt. Referencing his personal experience selling most of his possessions and focusing on enjoying life, he pushes audiences to reconsider what's important to them.

Having found himself in financial peril after attending college at Purdue University, Baker, his wife and children sold nearly all of their possessions and shipped off to backpack Australia. Having secured a more financial future since then, and being inspired by his experiences, Baker created a business based on the attainment of financial freedom.

In addition to becoming a well-received TED speaker, Baker and his wife launched a website in 2009 promoting their ideas around personal finance and novel approaches to solving debt. This is the family's new source of income and affords Baker the freedom he speaks so highly of in his keynotes. The site has gotten excellent reception and now features a podcast. A documentary about Baker's business and family life is currently in the works, speaking to how offbeat and creative this mastermind is.

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