Adam Falkner

Adam Falkner

Educator, Writer, Performer

The Adam Falkner talks examine how creative writing can change the world by uncovering social identity and engaging cross-cultural conversations. The high school English teacher is also the founder and executive director of the Dialogue Arts Project, a non-profit organization that utilizes both writing and the arts as a way to start these dialogues.

The speaker is also a writer himself. He has been published in literary anthologies and journals such as Painted Bride Quarterly, decomp Magazine and The Other Journal. He also tours the United States as a speaker, educator and artist and has appeared on HBO, BET, Michigan and New York Public Radio.

In addition to his current role as a 10th grade teacher, he is also a doctoral candidate at the English Education at Columbia University, Teachers College. The Adam Falkner talk highlights his passion for democratized education and for the arts.

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