Adam Garone

Adam Garone

CEO and Co-Founder of Movember, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

As CEO and co-founder of Movember, a charity that focuses on prostate cancer research and awareness, Adam Garone's speeches reflect the importance of educating individuals on the importance of raising awareness for men's health.

Ever since the challenge to grow out his beard in 2003, Garone and his friends decided to transform the idea to bring awareness to men's health, a subject the philanthropist felt the world lacked. Enduring multiple hardships, the team tried to acquire sponsors as well as spreading knowledge about prostate cancer simultaneously. Though initially rejected, the friends never gave up and eventually succeeded, successfully spreading the November event from Australia to other cities, states, nations and eventually, worldwide. With patience and perseverance, what originally began as a bet one random Sunday afternoon soon evolved into one of the world's largest charitable organizations for cancer.

Adam Garone's speeches reflect a deep passion and concern for men's health. With the charity consuming most of his time, he eventually resigned from his previous position and now works full time for the charity.

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