Adam Grosser

Adam Grosser

Venture Capitalist

The Adam Grosser keynotes shed light upon the pervasive lack of electricity in the world. According to Grosser, there are approximately 1.6 million people in the world who lack access to electricity. While this beholds a slew of implications, one of them has to do with the storage of food and medicine. Grosser has in turn spearheaded a sustainable refrigeration venture that does not require the use of electricity.

Grosser is currently a venture capitalist. His partnerships with small start ups has allowed him to invest in new ideas in the realms of communications, electronics and of course, energy management. His studies in fields of engineering and entertainment have allowed him to explore an array of business models, many of which he has endorsed wholeheartedly.

Audience members and viewers will learn a great deal from Adam Grosser's keynotes. His interest in development work is admirable, and his position as a lecturer at the UCLA School of Film and Television has developed his captivating speaker skills.

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