Adam Kepecs

Adam Kepecs

Professor, Researcher

The Adam Kepecs keynotes examine how addictive drugs and substances affect natural dopamine levels in the human body. In particular, he describes neural expectations individuals encounter every day as a result of ordinary situations.

Kepecs is currently an Assistant Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. His research focuses on the processes of human decision-making and mental processes. Prior to this, Kepecs headed a CSHL research labatory, where he studied neural circuitry and decision-making.

With regards to his educational background, Kepecs received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at Eotovs Lorand University and went on to earned his Ph.D. in theoretical neuroscience from the Brandeis University.

As a result of his tireless efforts in neurological studies, Kepecs was named a 'Fellow of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation' and was a recipient of the 'Klingenstein Fellow in Neurosciences.' In conjunction, he was recently selected as the 'John Merc Scholar.'

With a clear understanding of his topic, the Adam Kepecs keynotes are insightful discussions about the effect of drugs on the human body.

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