Adam Ostrow

Adam Ostrow

SVP Content and Executive Editor at Mashable

As the SVP Content and Executive Editor at Mashable, Adam Ostrow's keynote career focuses mainly on the role that new media and technology play in the human experience.

After completing his B.A. in Journalism at the University of Maryland College Park, he co-founded the social networking site MindSay Interactive which was a direct competitor for popular sites such as Blogspot and Live Journal. His work with this company help to foster his understanding of community building and content management in the online sector and as such, eventually lead him to his role at a company that is a hub for cutting edge news on the development of the web and society.

Adam Ostrow's keynote career explores the way that the Internet and online social networking has greatly impacted society and furthermore, the way that these services create a lasting and indefinite archive of human interaction.

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