Adriana Galvan

Adriana Galvan

Assistant Professor at UCLA

Dr. Adriana Galvan's talks, explore the fascinating world of neurobiology, specifically as it pertains to her research on adolescent brain development.

With her PhD in Neuroscience from Weill Medical College of Cornell, Dr. Galvan uses her expertise to study how teenage behavior and decision-making is affected by changes that occur in brain maturation during adolescence. Her other area of research looks at brain development in adolescent risk-takers. By understanding the flaws and weakness of the adolescent brain, it is Dr. Galvan's hope that her research can help "inform policy, juvenile justice and public health issues that affect youth."

It is often too easy to prejudge teenagers, especially as it pertains to their behaviors. However, by truly understanding the neurobiological processes that are happening within them, we can become better equipped to interact with them and encourage them to become better adults; all of which is explored in Dr. Adriana Galvan's talks.

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