Aidan Dwyer

Aidan Dwyer

Inventor, Student, Activist

The Aidan Dwyer keynotes imagine the patterns present in tree branches and their affect on sunlight collection. In particular, Dwyer examines the branch pattersn that allowed him to devise a solar power collection model.

Currently, 13-year-old Dwyer is a middle school student working to innovate social technology. Using the Fibonacci sequence, Dwyer is working and researching to create a solution for a more Eco-conscious future. Dwyer earned himself a provisional U.S. patent for his current inventions in solar collection technologies.

Recently, the 'American Museum of Natural History' named Aidan one of the "Youngest Naturalist Award" winners. This reward is specifically for students from middle school to high school who have soon significant investigatory potential in science, ecology and biology.

The Aidan Dwyer keynotes show that innovation and ideas often come from the most unexpected places, but often breed exceptional thoughts.

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