Al Gore

Al Gore

Author, Environmental Activist, Founder of Alliance for Climate Protection

Al Gore's keynote are heavily influenced by his commitment to battling climat change. Best known as the Vice President of U.S President Bill Clinton administration, Al Gore has since gone on to make a career devoted to environmental awareness for himself. As the champion for the environment, he starred in and campaigned for the hit movie 'An Inconvenient Truth,' which outlines human impact on the environment and the detriment that has been caused as a result.

Gore was educated at Harvard University, where he received his degree in Government in 1969, graduating cum laude. After spending time as a soldier in the Vietnam war, Gore returned and enrolled in Vanderbilt University Divinity School until 1972 and worked at The Tennessean as a reporter during the time. Afterwards, he decided to attend Vanderbilt University Law School where he did not finish his degree and, instead, decided to run straight for a seat in the U.S House of Representatives, where he had a successful run.

Serving as a House Representative from 1976 until 1985, he went on to the Senate from 1985 to 1993. In 1988 Gore made his first Presidential run, but was unsuccessful. From 1993 until 2001, though, Gore served as Bil Clinton's Vice President. Since, Gore has embarked upon another unsuccessful run for President in 2001 as the official Democratic nominee, losing to George W. Bush.

Ultimately, Al Gore's keynotes focus on his lasting impact on the sector of environmentalism and call for not only Americans, but citizens of the world to take greater notice of environmental actions they can change to result in great impact. Al Gore's keynotes are highly educational, inspiration and well-received by many different audiences.

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