Alan Siegel

Alan Siegel

CEO, Founder, Author, Writer

The Alan Siegel keynotes promote the need for clarity and understanding in legal and governmental matters. Siegel believes that the current jargon used in proceedings and bills causes confusion, which acts as an obstacle against progress.

Currently, Siegel is the Founder and Chairman of Siegel+Gale, a company aimed at creating brand images and strategies for its clients. Prior to this position, Siegel worked at communication agencies 'Sandgren & Murtha' and 'Ruper & Finn.' In terms of his education, Siegel attended the Industrial Labor Relations School at Cornell University and graduated third in his class. He went on to attend law school at New York University, which he later switched to communication studies.

Siegel is a contributing writer for 'The Huffington Post' and the 'Wall Street Journal.' As an author, Siegel is most recognized for his books that showcase his love for photography including 'One Man's Eye: Photographs from the Alan Siegel Collection' and 'Step Right This Way: The Photography of Edward J. Kelty.'

Advocating for simple and clear communication, the Alan Siegel keynotes suggest governments forgo the jargon that often causes confusion.

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