Alessandro Acquisti

Alessandro Acquisti

Professor, Author

Alessandro Acquisti's lectures focus on the importance and economics of privacy in the digital age. His research was fundamental in the application of behavioral science to privacy and how individuals make decisions concerning their information security. His education includes a PhD at Berkley and Master's from UC Berkley, London School of Economics and Trinity College Dublin.

He has authored several influential manuscripts, which have been published in esteemed academic journals such as The Journal of Consumer Research and The Journal of Comparative Economics, as well as been circulated in more accessible publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and CNN.

Acquisti has sat in on Congress as an expert testifier for discussions pertaining to privacy policies. He has won awards for his findings, including the PET award for Outstanding Research for Privacy Enhancing Technologies and the IBM Best Academic Privacy Faculty Award.

Currently, Acquisti serves as an associate professor of information systems and public policy at Heinz College, Carnegie Melon, and is a member of the Universities CyLab . He co-directs for the CMU Center Behavior Decision Research and is apart of the National Academies' Committee. Previously, Acquisti has worked as a visiting scholar, researcher and professor at Universities around the world.

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