Alex Steffen

Alex Steffen

Writer, Editor, Co-Founder of WorldChanging, Public Speaker

Alex Steffen's keynotes take on the subject of a visionary outlook on the future. As the co-founder of Worldchanging, an online magazine, Steffen is notable for his bright ideas surrounding future innovations.

Upon earning his Bachelor's of Arts from Allegheny College in 1990, Steffen went on to graduate from the University of Washington's Jackson School of International Studies. The non-profit online magazine Worldchanging acted as a blog on the topics of sustainability and social innovations. Until it's demise in 2010, it was run by Steffen and was nominated for multiple Webbys and other awards, including being named one of the top 15 environmental websites by Time Magazine. Alex Steffen's keynotes reflect his beliefs and theories surrounding sustainability and the future.

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