Alva Noe

Alva Noe

Professor of Philosophy at the University of California

The keynotes by Alva Noe reflect his experience as a philosopher and focus on perception. Noe teaches at the University of California, Berkeley. He attended Harvard University himself, as well as the University of Oxford. Noe specializes in cognitive and brain sciences.

Noe's perception speeches discuss how people perceive the world around them. He discusses the way in which the human brain can perceive something without seeing it, while it can also neglect to perceive things happening in front of an individual.

Alva Noe joined the University of California's philosophy department back in 2003. He has received UC Berkeley's President's Fellowship in the Humanities. Noe has also written several books including 'Varieties of Presence,' 'Out of Our Heads' and 'Action in Perception.'

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