Amanda Sussman

Amanda Sussman

Author, Speaker, Senior Adviser

The Amanda Sussman keynotes promote the belief that anyone can make a change. In particular, Sussman discusses how by voting and involving yourself with politics individuals can influence decisions.

As the Senior Adviser for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs for the Ministry of Foreign Affair, Sussman witnessed firsthand the influence outside sources had on decision-making. Prior to this position, Sussman was Policy Adviser on Human Rights and Refugee issues to senior cabinet ministers for the Canadian government. She is also involved with advocacy organizations like 'Human Rights Watch' and 'Green Peace.' In terms of her education, Sussman earned her Master's in International Affairs and Economics from the Johns Hopkins University of Advanced International Studies and her Bachelors degree in Anthropology and Political Science from McGill University.

As an author, Sussman is most recognized by her book 'The Art of Possible.' Like the Amanda Sussman keynotes, this book examines the impact and change one person can incite.

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