Amber Mac

Amber Mac

Vice President and Co-Founder at MGImedia, Journalist at Globe & Mail, Co-founde

Amber Mac's keynote career has the speaker traveling across North America to break down the most effective ways to foster online communities and promote customer loyalty using social networking.

Her book, 'Power Friending,' was released in 2010 and focuses on how to effectively implement social media strategies to improve business performance. Her educational background in English and Journalism, for which she achieved a B.A. in both from Dalhousie University and the University of King's College, respectively, prepared her for an impressive career in media.

She presently writes for the Globe and Mail, is the on air host of CTV's App Central and the acting Vice President at MGImedia. Amber Mac's keynote career stems from her extensive knowledge of online community building, and the use of social media to improve company performance and it is this interaction with digital media that has given her an edge when it comes to speaking on the subject matter with authority.

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