Amber Rae

Amber Rae

Founder of Bold Academy

The keynotes by Amber Rae motivate individuals and companies to be different. Amber Rae believes that standing out is necessary, and she believes there is value in deviance by promoting a non-linear path.

Amber Rae attended Miami University for strategic communication, psychology, interactive media studies and entrepreneurship. She was the co-founder of NY Nightowls, Chief Evangelist at the Domino Project and worked for iConnect. She is the founder of, and The Bold Academy, which is a personal accelerator program for high-potential individuals aged 20 to 32.

The keynotes by Amber Rae help people build a life that is suited to their needs by inspiring and personally motivating them. She reflects on ways she has personally challenged the status quo, and she pushes individuals to stand out in everything they do.

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