Amory Lovins

Amory Lovins

Physicist, Environmental Scientist, Writer, Chief Scientist at the Rocky Mountai

Amory Lovins' keynotes reflect his extensive background in environmental studies. As the chief scientist at the Rocky Mountain Institute, Lovins has built up a lifetime of knowledge. Recognized in 2009 as one of Time Magazine's World's most influential people, Lovins has held a prominent role in American energy policy and research.

After completing his undergraduate degree at Oxford University in the discipline of physics, Lovins received his Master's of Arts from Oxford University, but was not able to receive his Ph.D. from the university in 1971 in the area of energy as it was yet to be recognized as an area of academic learning.

As the author of almost 30 books, endless accolades and the go-to energy expert of 19 heads of state, Lovins has an extraordinary reputation within the environmental community. Among his energy-efficient achievements, Lovins is also the inventor of the 'Hypercar' which is, at this point, a concept design that would greatly impact America's use of fuels.

As the winner of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow in 19888, World Technology Award and many others, Amory Lovins' keynotes are a consolidation of his interests and impressive skills.

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