Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman

Broadcast Journalist

Amy Goodman is a broadcast journalist from America, who has given speeches on media coverage, among other things. Goodman is also an investigative reporter and an author. Goodman hosts an independent news program called 'Democracy Now!,' which is broadcast on the radio, the Internet and television.

Goodman received a degree in anthropology from Radcliffe College. She also spent a year studying at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor. Goodman has covered well known world events such as the East Timor independence movement. Goodman founded Democracy Now! back in 1996.

At the 2008 Republican National Convention, Goodman was arrested for covering protests of the RNC. This resulted in her suing the Minneapolis police department. She was offered a hefty settlement, and the police department was further educated about First Amendment rights.

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