Amy Lockwood

Amy Lockwood

Deputy Director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health at Stanford's Scho

Speeches by Amy Lockwood emphasize the need for more effective marketing in safe sex campaigns. She describes herself as a "reformed marketer." Lockwood spent much of her career in the for profit sector, marketing products to consumers, before dedicating herself to global and public health causes.

She has served as the Executive Director of Project Healthy Children, an organization that works with local industries and governments in poor, troubled countries such as Haiti, Honduras, Rwanda, Nepal, Liberia and Malawi. Currently, Lockwood is the deputy director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health at the Stanford School of Medicine. Here, her efforts are focused on strategy and international development.

As noted in speeches by Amy Lockwood, safe sex campaigns often fail to identify and appeal to their target demographic, causing such campaigns to be ineffective. In this way, Lockwood demonstrates how fresh approaches to big problems can offer new solutions.

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