Anand Agarawala

Anand Agarawala

Project Manager at Google, Creator of BumpTop

Incredibly future-focused and influential, Anand Agarawala's presentations speak to this individual's technological savvy and entrepreneurial spirit.

The creator of 'BumpTop,' a very literal three-dimensional computer program, this young inventor is changing up the way people understand their computer interfaces. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Agarawala actually created 'Bumptop' as part of his master's program. Upon its completion, the invention received great praise and was later acquired by Google. Anand Agarawala's presentations typically revolve around the creation and explanation of 'BumpTop,' but are relevant to anyone looking to understand the future of software.

A natural speaker with a gift for making his audiences comfortable, Agarawala is a perfect fit for both formal and informal events, provided that the audience is somewhat technologically involved.

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