Anatole Faykin

Anatole Faykin


The Anatole Faykin keynotes hone in on issues related to foreigners and to travel. According to Faykin, visiting other nations is crucial, imparting cultural lessons and untold adventure. He at the same time recognizes the difficulties that come from being in a new country with different social constructs and languages, and he consequently breaks down ways for newcomers to cope with unfamiliar scenes.

Faykin's examination of life on the go stems from his computer science and biology B.S. degree from the California Institute of Technology. He continued his educational pursuits at New York University's Stern School of Business where he attained an MBA.

Anatole Faykin's keynotes are supported by his impressive career. As a former employee at London's British Telecom, Shanghai's Intel and San Francisco's Oracle, he has done his fair share of international touring, making him an expert on the subject. He also spearheaded the foundation of his own Shanghai deals organization which was eventually sold in 2011.

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