Andras Forgac

Andras Forgac

CEO, Co-Founder

The Andras Forgac talk on biofabrication advocates for tissue engineering in leather and food products. The entrepreneur co-founded Modern Meadow, which applies the most recent technology in tissue engineering to create biomaterials in an effort to solve global issues. Its cultured leather and meat products does not require animal slaughter and is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to current practices.

Prior to this, he co-founded Organovo, which pioneered 3D bio-printing for medical applications. He has also worked as the managing director of Richmond Global, a consultant at McKinsey and Company, a founding member of Citigroup's corporate and investment banking e-commerce group.

In addition to his current role of Chief Executive at Modern Meadow, he also acts as the chairman emeritus at the Resolution Project, a non-profit organization he co-founded. The Andras Forgac talk clearly demonstrates his expertise and his passion in sustainable and humane leather production.

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