Andrew Hoppin

Andrew Hoppin

Co-Founder of New Amsterdam Ideas, Advisor for CivicCommons

The keynotes by Andrew Hoppin focus on teaching audiences how citizens can be the government through digital media. He identifies the need for transparency to empower and inform citizens about their government.

Andrew Hoppin earned his bachelor's degree in planetary science from Brown University, and his master's in envrionmental science, policy and management from the University of California, Berkeley. He is the co-founder of several businesses including DEABrazil, Trellon and Sports Futures Inc. He is on the advisory board for New Organizing Institute, board of directors of Yenza, advisor for CivicCommons and partner and co-founder of New Amsterdam Ideas.

The keynotes by Andrew Hoppin describe the need for transparency when it comes to social media and the government. Hoppin's reflects on his work with the New York State to demonstrate how they leveraged digital media to have a political impact.

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