Andy Hobsbawm

Andy Hobsbawm

Founder and CMO of EVRYTHNG

Andy Hobsbawm's presentations stress the importance of creativity. While many people associate creativity with remote artistic endeavors, he points out how creative thinking leads to problem solving and innovation.

Hobsbawm has a long list of accomplishments in the digital arena. He established the first international Internet agency in 1994 and is also the co-founder of British new media company Online Magic, which in 1997 merged with He currently works as adviser to the boards of the Omnicom companies and as a non-executive adviser and director to iAnnounce, and Wired magazine has called Hobsbawm one of the United Kingdom's 'Top 100 Digital Power Brokers.'

Not limited to the online world, he has contributed to the Financial Times as a weekly columnist, writing about the new economy. Like his columns, Andy Hobsawm's presentations provide humorous and erudite insights into how creativity can create opportunities in fields as diverse as environmentalism and advertising.

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