Angela Belcher

Angela Belcher

Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT

The Angela Belcher keynotes discuss how the earth's materials can be manipulated and how natural designs may be copied to better the inventions we have today, such as the battery.

Belcher graduated from the University of California with a BA in Creative Studies and a Ph.D. in Chemistry. She then joined the faculty of the University of Texas two years later. However, she only stayed a short three years before moving to MIT to teach Energy in Materials Science and Biological Engineering. Her area of focus is centred around how the magnetic and electronic designs in nature can be replicated in solar cells, batteries and medical diagnostics to combat diseases.

Steeped in concepts drawn from electrical engineering, molecular biology and inorganic chemistry, the Angela Belcher keynotes are packed with relevant insights about how our inventions can be more nature-modelled and subsequently sustainable.

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