Anne-Marie Slaughter

Anne-Marie Slaughter

Academic, Foreign Policy Analyst, Commentator

Presentations by Anne-Marie Slaughter highlight how fearless this former US Government worker really is.

Slaughter, who fills many roles, is first and foremost known for her role as the former Director of Policy Planning for the US State Department. Her writing, however, has made her an even bigger name in pop culture. Holding a D.Phil from Oxford University and having served as a Dean and Professor for the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, she is an accomplished academic with a respected knowledge of a variety of topics, particularly foreign policy. Her article, 'Why Woman Still Can't Have it All,' was published in the Atlantic in 2012 and has turned out to be the publication's most popular piece to date.

Bold, brash and with plenty of experience to draw on, presentations by Anne-Marie Slaughter are sure to inspire.

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