Anthony Galie

Anthony Galie

President and Owner of Anthony Galie Seminars

Presented by an experienced keynote speaker, Anthony Galie's speeches are motivating and dynamic.

Galie has been performing keynotes since 1980, and has since become one of the leading names in motivational speaking. Anthony holds a degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University, and his knowledge of the human mind shines through the content in his presentations. Anthony Galie's speeches concentrate on personal development, and focus on motivating listeners to become their personal best. Now running his own seminar company, Anthony Galie Seminars, this is an example of someone who's been able to parlay their charismatic personality into a booming career.

The beauty of Anthony Galie's presentations is that they can benefit virtually anyone looking to improve their effectiveness. Inspiring and attention-grabbing, these will bring out the best in audiences.

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