Arnoud Raskin

Arnoud Raskin


The Arnoud Raskin speeches break down an unusual approach to corporate relations. Raskin boasts the need for companies to embrace street culture, so much so that he invented the Streetwize Project, an endeavor that actually educates managers on homelessness. His unusual practices stem from his belief in personal identities rather than specific skills.

Raskin is a trailblazing development worker who is known for his mobile school model. By using a compact mobile device, he has pioneered an on-the-go learning tool that incorporates compact educational tools. The spread of knowledge on the subjects of literacy and health has been essential, especially to the development of impoverished youth.

Audience members who get the chance to witness Arnoud Raskin's speeches will draw inspiration from his travels to Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, largely the inspiration behind his mobile school and homelessness undertakings. With 26 institutions now set up, he will certainly make a memorable mark on the world.

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