Avi Rubin

Avi Rubin

Professor, Author, Researcher

The Avi Rubin keynotes focus on the security risks society may encounter when ignorantly adopting new technology. Rubin believes precautions and methods must be set up when new networks, devices and instruments are implemented, to minimize attacks and security breaches.

Currently, Rubin is a Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University and the JHU Information Security Institute's Technical Director. In term of his education, he received his Bachelor of Science, Master's in Software Engineering and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Prior to this position, Rubin worked as a Systems Security Researcher at AT&T Labs and as an Applied Researcher at Telcordia. Rubin later went on to found Habor Labs, an organization equipped to provide technical advice and review for legal cases involving security breaches. His insightful reflections of new technology show how easy it has become to detect and intercept sensitive information when precautionary steps are not taken.

With an avid interest in computer security and educating individuals about this issue, Rubin has authored multiple books including 'Brave New Ballot' that examine electronic security and cryptography. His experiences as a professor, a researcher, computer expert and author make Avi Rubin keynotes trusted assets in the field of computer science and computer security.

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