Baba Shiv

Baba Shiv

Professor, Writer, Researcher

Keynotes by Baba Shiv study decision-making tactics and whether or not having choices is a positive. Shiv believes that the prospect of too many choices leads to doubt and uncertainty, breeding negative effects.

Currently a professor of marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Shiv examines and lectures daily on non-mental processes and decision-making. Prior to this position, Shiv served as the editor of notable business publication 'Consumer Research.' He also holds positions on editorial boards of the 'Journal of Consumer Psychology' and 'Journal of Marketing Research.' In terms of his education, Shiv received Bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from both the University of Madras and Anna University. In addition, he also earned his Master's in Business from the Indian Institute of Management and his Ph.D. in Marketing from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Due to his extensive academic research on marketing theory and practices, Shiv was awarded the 'William O'Dell' award and two of his research paper received the 'Citation of Excellence' from Emerald Management Reviews. Named by the Marketing Science Institute as one of the "future leaders of the next generation of marketing academics," Shiva made his mark on the business and marketing world.

Shiv is a contributing writer to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Suggesting that individuals give up their need to make decisions and trust others to make the right choices, keynotes by Baba Shiv make decision-making less about calculation and more about trust.

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