Barat Ali Batoor

Barat Ali Batoor


The Barat Ali Batoor talk on asylum seekers shares his personal experience attempting to escape the persecution and violence he faced as a Hazara person.

In 2002 he started photography and launched his first solo exhibition five years later in 2007. His pictures have been in exhibits all over the world, including Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, Dubai, Italy, Japan, Pakistan and Switzerland. He has also been published in a wide variety of publications including The Washington Post, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal and The Global Mail. The Barat Ali Batoor talk mentions his project 'Child Trafficking in Afghanistan/The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan,' which he received a New York's Open Society Institute photography grant for in 2009. Recently he was also awarded Photo of the Year in the category of Photo Essay at the Nikon-Walkley Awards.

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