Barbara Lynch

Barbara Lynch

Professional Chef, Entrepreneur

The keynotes by Barbara Lynch focus on cooking education in a time when people do not know how to prepare nutritious meals for themselves. Barbara Lynch believes that cooking classes should be re-implemented in school curriculums, and cooking be made more accessible.

Barbara Lynch is one of the leading chefs and restaurateurs in the Boston area. In high school, Barbara was inspired by her home economics teacher and Chef Mario Bonelle, and it was then that she decided to become a professional cook. In 1998, she opened her first restaurant called No. 9 Park, and after she opened two more as well as a catering company, demonstration kitchen and a cookbook store. Later, she opened another fine dining restaurant called Menton, which helped her earn the title of Grand Chef Relais and Chateaux.

As the CEO of Barbara Lynch Gruppo, she manages eight concepts with more than 200 staff. The keynotes by Barbara Lynch identify the importance of learning necessary and basic cooking skills. In today's society, people need to learn how to prepare their own meals to feel healthy and reduce waste.

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