Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters

Broadcast Journalist, Author, Television Personality

The keynotes by Barbara Walters explore her colorful and exciting career as one of the most successful journalists of the 21st century. Walters is most known for hosting 'Today,' 'The View' and for co-anchoring the ABC Evening News.

Walters' career in journalism began when she attended Sarah Lawrence College and received her B.A. in English. After graduating she worked as a writer for CBC News and was briefly employed as a publicist by Tex McCrary Inc. In 1961 she joined 'The Today show,' working as a researcher and writer. Since then, her career has evolved tremendously, granting Walters a whirlwind of opportunities and memorable interviews.

The keynotes by Barbara Walters are honest, insightful and equally as engaging and interesting as the journalist herself.

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