Barry Asmus

Barry Asmus


The Barry Asmus speeches bring to light crucial knowledge of the subjects of government, Internet and financial markets. Asmus believes in the power of business, and further supports his confidence in the need to mitigate the government's interaction with private enterprise.

Asmus' bold commerce claims are largely related to his current position as the National Center for Policy Analysis' Senior Economist. His experience and as a Professor of economics at Boise State University helped to distinguish him as an expert on the subject, as well as his authorship of nine books, inclusive of 'Crossroads: The Great American Experiment,' a past nominee for the H.L. Mencken Award.

The lengthy Barry Asmus speeches are significant for those with a stake in almost any industry, and his expert knowledge on the field was given due praise when he made it on to USA Today's list of the five most requested speakers within America.

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