Bart Knols

Bart Knols


Bart Knols' speeches give insight into the plight of malaria and explore the possibility of eradicating the pesky species.

Knols obtained a Ph.D in Medical Entomology at the Wageningen University. He then led 11 years worth of research in East and Southern Africa at international and national institutions. The result of his work can be seen in more than 100 research articles and nearly 20 book chapters. He also worked for the United Nations as a consultant and editor at the World Health Organization, where he co-edited 'Emerging Pests and Vector-Borne Diseases in Europe.' This was before he went back to be an Assistant Pofessor at the Wageningen University with projects in locations like Tanzania, Benin and South Africa.

Most recently, Knols has founded several companies including Soper Strategies and In2Care. Currently, he directs a company he founded as well, K&S Consulting, while sitting on the board of the UBS Bank Optimus Foundation.

Bart Knols' speeches are a source of radical ideas in tackling the future of Malaria drawn from his hands-on experience in investigating the disease.

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