Becci Manson

Becci Manson

Professional Retoucher

In the keynotes by Becci Manson, the benefits of professional photo retouching is explained, using the 2011 Tsunami of Japan as the prime example of a case in which such work is needed.

In Manson's early career days, from 1993 to 2000, she worked as a Mac systems manager or retoucher and pre-press operator at many firms like Lifeboat Matey and Production Response, DPL / Mullis Morgan, Libra Scan Graphics or Rapida. However, with such experience under her belt, she began to do freelance work. In 2011, she became founder and director of Project Retouch Japan, which aims to retouch all photographs marred by the Tsunami of 2011. She is currently still freelancing.

By recounting the progress of her work in Project Retouch Japan, the keynotes by Becci Manson enlighten audiences about a profession that has both sentimental and cultural value.

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