Ben Goldacre

Ben Goldacre

Science Writer

Ben Goldacre's keynotes are on a topic that Goldacre has become an incredible expert in over the years -- science. The author of the Guardian's 'Bad Science' column, Goldacre is a renowned scientist able to make even the most complex science easy to understand in layman's terms and fascinating to read all at once. Possessing a unique gift, Goldacre has been able to translate his talent onto paper in the forms of news and books.

A graduate from the University of Oxford where he attended Magdalen College School, Goldacre studied Medicine in 1995. It was at Oxford that Goldacre began writing and editing for the student magazine Isis. He has since studied cognitive neuroscience at the University of Milan and later attended the UCL Medical School where he received his master's degree in philosophy from King's College London. Goldacre has since been a member at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London.

Ben Goldacre's keynotes discuss various scientific topics and enlighten audiences all over the world.

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