Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander

Conductor for the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

Keynote speeches by Benjamin Zapper are as entertaining as they are educational and the speaker often incorporates the use of music and performance into the learning process to inspire and capture the attention of his audiences.

As the conductor for the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the guest conductor for other orchestras worldwide, Zander has achieved worldwide acclaim for his public addresses and has received countless awards of merit. The most worthy of note is the 'Caring Citizen of the Humanities' recognition he was awarded by the United Nations' International Council for Caring Communities.

A gifted scholar, he attended both the State Conservatoire in Cologne for cello studies and the University College London for English Literature. His academic ventures have also taken him to Brandeis University and Harvard.

He is a talented musician, his instrument of choice being the cello, and keynote speeches by Benjamin Zapper use music as a means to expand the minds of his listeners and open them up to the vast possibilities that exist when one allows for their creativity to flourish.

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