Bill Capodagli

Bill Capodagli

Author, Speaker, Consultant

Keynotes by Bill Capodagli focus on the need to approach customers or "guests" with positive energy and in an enjoyable atmosphere. Capodalgi believes this initiative will make companies stand out in stark contrast to a majority of the ones that treat customers with the bare minimum of effort.

With nearly 30 years of corporate research and management expertise, Capodagli knows the wants and needs of customers, consumers and as he calls them "guests." In 1993, Capodalgi founded Capodalgi Jackson Consulting, a firm that advocates for imagination and positivity in all business actions. Prior to this position, Capodagli held consulting positions at 'AT Kearny' and 'Cooper & Lybrand.' Capodagli is the author of multiple business books including 'How to Implement Walt Disney's Vision of 'Dream, Believe, Dare, Do,' and 'Leading at the Speed of Change: Using New Economy to Invigorate Old Economy Companies.'

Capodalgi, a highly acclaimed international speaker, brings a lighthearted and energetic approach to dealing with and interacting with customers. Happy employees are more likely to interact positively with valued customers, therefore increasing a business's credibility, customer service and profits -- this sentiment is advocated in keynotes by Bill Capdagli.

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