Bismarck Lepe

Bismarck Lepe

Founder of Ooyala

The Bismarck Lepe strategized entrepreneurial keynotes stress the importance of finding a balance between culture and strategy in the workplace. In doing so, the atmospheric precedent is set for a hardworking, motivated and ultimately successful workplace.

Lepe founded Ooyala -- a privately held company that provides online video technology products and services -- with Sean Knapp and his brother Belsasar Lepe. Prior to that, Lepe worked at Google as a Senior Product Manager where he was responsible for the development as well as the launch for products for the Google AdSense network.

Bismarck graduated from Stanford University, and during his time as CEO at Ooyala he raised over $10 million of funding and developed the vision of the company. In his role, he is responsible for product and corporate marketing functions as well as leading the team toward monetization technologies for media companies.

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