Bradley Horowitz

Bradley Horowitz

VP of Product for Google+

The Bradley Horowitz keynotes examine the increasing influence and role the Internet plays in fostering innovation. For Horowitz, the Internet is a democratizing place that allows users to work towards a common end and will play a prominent role in commerce.

As the VP of Product for Google+, Horowitz is part of a corporation that understands the importance of the Internet, and further dominants it. Prior to his position, he was the VP of Advanced Development and the Senior Director of Media Research for Yahoo. Currently, Horowitz supervises Google's social media applications and communication innovation, allowing him an insider expertise on social media, namely the Internet.

He is also the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Virage Inc, an organization that enables media and content to be streamed. With regards to his educational background, Horowitz earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and a Master in Media Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also holds a Ph.D. in Media Science from the MIT.

With a considerable amount of insight and insider knowledge delivered in Bradley Horowitz keynotes, these presentations will prepare businesses for a total Internet takeover.

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