Brett Jenks

Brett Jenks

CEO, President

The Brett Jenks keynotes explore what it takes to explore and motivate those around you. In particular, Jenks advocates for large goals rather than glamorous speeches.

Currently, Jenks is the CEO and president of Rare Conservation, a NGO aimed at protecting and preserving wild lands. Prior to this, Jenks held a position as the Costa Rica Program Director for WorldTeach, a non-profit organization at the Center for International Development at Harvard University. In terms of his education, Jenks received his Master's in Business Administration from Georgetown University.

He is on the board of directors at 'Foundations of Success' and 'Ninos Y Crias,' and has developed a 'Nature Guide Training Course' that is currently training future ambassadors and entrepreneurs.

In 2005, Rare Conservation was selected by Fast Company magazine as one of the 'Top 25 Social Captialists.' It has also widely received by environmental organizations including 'The Nature Conservancy' and 'Wildlife Conservation Society.

By continuously motivating those around you and fostering inspiration, the Brett Jenks keynotes provide information that will positively influence business teams and individuals.

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