Brian Elliot

Brian Elliot

Founder of FriendFactor

As the founder and CEO of social media platform designed for the LGBT community, FriendFactor, Brian Elliot's speeches often focus on advocating for their equal rights.

Graduating from Stanford University in 2003 and Harvard University in 2009, Brian Elliot has experience working in various inspiring organizations such as The Bridgespan Group and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Having passionately fought for gay rights at a young age, he created a platform that allowed the LGBT community to come together and share their struggles as well as support for each other on FriendFactor. The social media domain also utilizes the friend factor, which encourages friends and family of someone who is LGBT and pledge for them on the site.

Brian Elliot's speeches are often encouraging and inspiring, sharing certain details about his journey in coming out to his family. Because of his accomplishments in this community, he is sometimes affectionately introduced as the "professional gay."

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