Brian Greene

Brian Greene

Author and Professor

The keynotes by Brian Greene delve into the complex concept of living in a multiverse, explaining what this entails and what mysteries it presents.

Greene earned a bachelor's degree in physics at Harvard and followed with a doctorate degree at Oxford. His research consisted of shaping String Theory and M Theory, topics on which he has written several books. For instance, 'The Quest for the Ultimate Theory' won The Aventis Prizes for Science Books and was a finalist for the Pulitzer price. His more recent publications digress on the topic of time, space and the universe.

He became a Professor at Cornell University in 1995, only a few years since joining the physics faculty in 1990. He also served as a professor at Columbia University where he led a program that explored superstring theory.

His most recent project includes organizing the annual World Science Festival, which took place first in New York City.

Through passionate discussion, the keynotes by Brian Greene force audiences to rethink their definition of reality, opening their minds to the very modern discoveries shaping physics today.

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