Brian Solis

Brian Solis

Digital Analyst, Author, Speaker

The Brian Solis speeches examine the important role social media can play in building rich relationships between brands and consumers. As the principal digital analyst at the Altimeter Group, he studies how technology affects business and wrote multiple books on the subject. Solis's books include 'What's the Future of Business, 'The End of Business as Usual' and 'Engage.' In his speaking career, he gives talks on a variety of topics including business leadership, new media and consumerism.

The Brian Solis speeches on social capital examine the online influence and currency companies stand to gain when they listen and learn through social media, rather than using platforms as a method to only talk. He notes that a person 'liking' a company on Facebook does not imply automatic buy-in. Furthermore, brands should be regarded as people to be successful online.

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