Britta Riley

Britta Riley

Designer, Speaker, Writer

Britta Riley's speeches discuss the beneficial environmental effects, which are sure to be felt, if individuals grow their own food. In particular, Riley believes that personally growing food will eventually force individuals to address the environmental issues currently plaguing the world. As President and CEO of Windowfarms, a social enterprise aimed at advancing organic food production, Riley hopes to encourage more open-sourced and environmentally friendly methods and approaches to food production. Prior to this, Riley held the position of Research Associate and Co-founder of the Food in the City Program, a food-based initiative in New York.

In terms of her education, Riley earned a Master's in Professional Studies in Environmental Tech and Social Entrepreneurship and interactive telecommunications from New York University. Riley has written extensively on the environment and city infrastructure planning as the lead writer for 'The Ocean Portal Business Plan & Content Strategy' and as the co-founder of 'Submersible Design.' She was recently named in 2010 Entrepreneur Magazine's 'Top 100 Companies to Watch' and was awarded Cool Hunting's 'Top 5 Design Innovations of 2009.' With a clear passion for the environment and Eco-conscious cultivation Britta Riley's speeches persuade audiences to live a more nature-friendly existence.

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