Brooke Betts Farrell

Brooke Betts Farrell

CEO, Founder at RecycleMatch

Brooke Betts Farrell keynote speeches offer an innovative solution to creating profit from waste and also explore the endeavors of her self-founded company, RecycleMatch in depth.

Her company focuses on turning waste into a commodity and has created a system whereby companies that have product which is no longer of value to them are matched up with other companies that can benefit from said product. By extending the exchange of goods to incorporate not only new product but also used, yet viable, product, the University of Texas at Austin graduate has devised a way to reduce the amount of waste that is currently being held in landfills.

This method of interconnecting supply chains harnesses the full value from a resource and different ways to apply these Eco-friendly practices to one's own business are discussed at length in Brooke Betts Farrell keynote speeches. With a Bachelor of Science, Economics & Government, the speaker understands both the environmental impact of reusing and re-purposing commodities, as well as also being able to articulately relate the economical benefits to her audiences.

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